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The SHPERO Health LLP was founded in 2017 with a vision to build the most sustainable system in the area of Healthcare & Agriculture and to develop products from the multifarious xerophytes that focus more on "Waste to Value" and "Sustainable Development".

Dr Sanjay P. Chauhan is an academic entrepreneur and Professor at Faculty of Pharmacy, Dharmsinh Desai University, Nadiad. Based on Indian traditional knowledge, he has developed the “Hempoin”, which is scientifically proven. Mrs Hetal S. Chauhan is Dr Sanjay Chauhan’s spouse. She is a strong pillar of the company and the main inspiration to convert research commercially.

The DIPP, Govt of India has recognised SHPERO Health LLP as “Startup”. (Certificate No.: DIPP10166) The SHPERO Health LLP works on the principle of “Decision, Discipline and Delight”. Its other services include continuous high end research & consultation, Education, Contract Research, Herbal Raw Material supply, Herbal Product development and Nutraceutical market survey.

It’s SHPERO Health LLP’s Decision to abide by the moral values and to deliver quality always. It’s their Discipline to be committed to fulfil the customer’s needs by performing in a time bound manner. It’s their Delight to be satisfied from the good quality work that they strived for.

Dr Sanjay P. Chauhan


नीति साफ हो, नीयत स्पष्ट हो, तब निर्णय करने का जज्बा कुछ और ही होता है

Our policy and principal are crystal clear to place Indian Traditional Treasure with Scientific Evidence at Global stand. We initiated with tiny step towards the waste to value and sustainable development for Rural India because incredible India lives in villages. For the reconstruction of new India, we start from the villages for empowerment of villagers. With this motive and spirit, we founded the Startup “SHPERO HEALTH LLP”.

As per tagline of our startup is “Decision, Discipline and Delight”, we decide to acknowledge our traditional wealth with scientific evidence; apply it with quite discipline at global stage and delighting the rural India by evolvement, employment and environment preservation.

At present, there are endless number of compelling social issues, and without a concentrated effort, our impact would be diluted. We had a clear focus in order to utilise our wild xerophytic resources for health care and agriculture ecosystem.

We are thankful to the Government for implementation of Startup India Policy for the strengthening Indian Entrepreneur Ecosystem and encouraging budding innovative mind to come forward.

“You don’t get paid for having ideas, you get paid for making ideas happen.”

We have strong belief and faith in the nature, every creations of nature has have its unique application and utility, based on those things in mind, we initiated a decade ago to identify and validation of application of green gold xerophytes. The result is in front of us in the name of startup SHPERO; the name SHPERO has been decided ten years before and in May 2017, it is incorporated as company.

We have strong commitment to do something for the rural India and SHPERO is the right path for that. We have changed over the years, but the sparkle in our eyes is as bright as ever, and our passion for the nature is even stronger.

Our first creation “HEMPOIN” performs as a baby steps in the market and feedbacks from health practitioners encourage us to serve the society.

Mrs Hetal S. Chauhan



“You don’t get paid for having ideas; you get paid for making ideas happen.”

The SHPERO Health LLP was founded in 2017 with a vision to build most sustainable system

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